Softy 3D - Copper & Brown Diamond 3D Effect

Product : 3D-3

Rs. 85 / Meter

Minimum Order Quantity should be 20 meters
  • Meters


Dazzled  up look in the with indepth weave of this (in 3D)  polyster Jacguard with glittery gold metallic yarn and Brown colour ..Take the shine forward and  Sillehotte the magical look in Contemporary Saree design or just a part of glamorous gowns or a vibrant sheer jacket. With the diamond glitters embedded in the weave, take its lustre to the hall for creating that electric sparks enbedding it in its home furnishings...Texture of the brocade gives great coarse finesse  to clutch it in her hand the twinkly ladies clutch.  Stitch it in the shoes to matching the attire enchanting. 

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