Fundamentals Of Social Media Marketing For E-commerce Fabric & Fashion Businesses

Today it wouldn’t be exaggerating to note that handling Social media presence effectively is as important for the E-commerce Fabric & Fashion brands as managing their Website Traffic. Hence, it is imperative for such businesses to leverage the power of social media for driving their online branding.

As we’re approaching the Social Media Day soon (on 30th June), we’ve listed out some fundamentals of effectively managing social media marketing for the e-commerce textile businesses.

Using various Social Media Platforms:

Consistency of using all the social media platforms you’re using is of utmost importance, so as to stay connected to your clients. Even if you’re present only on some leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, make sure you’re active on each one of them. Maintaining a Social Media Calendar can always help. And it’s also a must to be responsive to the reactions of your prospective & existing customers by responding to their queries and thereby maintaining connection with them.

Meaningful Content for impactful Digital Communication:

Success of social media marketing for online fashion & fabric brands heavily rely on meaningful content your target audience can relate to. Rather than putting on photos from your catalogue, focus on generating content which keeps your target audience interested to know more about your offerings. For that fabric e-commerce businesses can share info. regarding the multiple uses of their fabrics to carve variety of designs and using fabrics for home décor and other designing areas. Thus rather than focusing on sales, make the target audience aware of the benefits of products/services you’re offering. Blogging is also a great way to reach out to your target customers as it allows to share detailed information about our offerings, knowledge & expertise.

Offline Marketing Strategies to support Social Media marketing of an Online brand:

Sparing some budget to make offline marketing efforts gain you better results for your social media marketing strategy. Balanced approach of supporting your online marketing techniques with the offline marketing efforts make your firm’s marketing strategy robust & effective. One of the best ways of doing this is to make your brand visible at various shows, conferences and informative sessions by supporting such programs to gain visibility while adding authenticity to your very existence. For Example, Shamal Designs is a manufacturer and online wholesaler of designer fabrics. Being an E-commerce player, Shamal Designs considers digital marketing as an instrumental contributor to the growth of the business. Hence, Shamal Designs supports the globally recognised events & initiatives like ‘Social Media Day Celebration’ link here) which highlight the importance of Social Media for taking the marketing efforts to new heights.

As an e-commerce business when you have an advantage of reaching out to your customers for 24 x 7, you can’t miss on such basics of Social Media Marketing.