Multi Purpose Printed Dyeable Fabric Flowers For Winter Season

Today when fashion is moving from Thong Jeans to Digital Prints, Shamal Designs has introduced Printed Dyeable Fabric Flowers to give a 3D effect to your daily look and up your fashion game with unique ways to use this flowers in the winter season. Are you confused how to use this cute flowers to make your attire attractive? Well, we are here to give some ideas as well!

  1. GOWNS: Use this dyeable fabric flowers on your gowns and dresses to get that feminine look as flowers always depict personality of your look. This Printed flowers would attract eyeballs for sure because of its unique fabric.
  2. DUPATTA: Make your plain dupatta a designer one by adding this Embroidery embedded flowers on them. You just need to stick this on your dupatta in multiple numbers using your creativity of patching them together in style.
  3. HAND CLUTCH: Hand clutches go easily with traditional dress and you make them look different easily with this embroidery embedded flowers. You can create detachable flowers bunch and get multiple uses of it. Also, you can use them on multiple clutches and reuse them on different occasions.
  4. SHOES: Shoes are women’s first love and they give them utmost care. Level up with this Dyeable flowers and make your normal shoes fancy and party ready. This Printed Dyed Fabric flowers are best suited with flats, bellies, heels, wedges and even stilettoes. Use them according to your own style and let others think how you did it.
  5. WATCH: Women have the privilege to use flowers in accessories, shoes, dresses, bags and even watches. A simple culottes and the top can get a complete look with a watch. This printed fabric watches can be easy to use on watches and will give you a different look from your daily routine.

Hope your confusion has come to an end and now you know ample of ways to use this cute printed fabric flowers. We would like to hear from you about some great ideas as well about the use of this flowers.