Stylishly Comfy Maternity Fabrics For Expectant Moms-To-Be

The physical - emotional changes taking place during pregnancy requires the expectant mother to stay as relaxed as she can. That’s why comfortable pregnancy needs careful selection of maternity clothing, which is an essential element of prenatal care.

Now to ensure appropriate maternity clothing, the fabric selection should be able to cope with the bodily changes happening during pregnancy. Hence the expectant mother must go through the checklist of qualities, which make a fabric ‘pregnancy-friendly’.

  • Flowy fabrics with a smooth feel and light weight, which allow you to move freely. Such fabrics are ideal for designing comfortably flowing dresses with a beautiful drape. Plus they also allow you to choose ‘Layering’ in your dress design.
  • Breathable fabrics; which are not too body-hugging, so that you get more breathing space.
  • Airy fabrics which allow your abdominal area to expand, as it is essential for both expectant mother and baby.
  • Lastly the cool & cosy fabrics which don’t make a pregnant lady feel humid, because pregnancy makes one feel hotter. So, avoid stiff or thick materials.

And here’s a quick list of some cool maternity fabrics for the moms-to-be, so that they can enjoy a stylish pregnancy while staying comfortable, no matter what season it is or what size they’re.

  1. Soft & versatile Cotton: Lightweight cotton absorbs the sweat and thus keeps the to-be-mom cool. There can’t be more comfortable and chic fabric option than choosing cotton. The light coloured cotton fabric is mostly preferred for maternity night wear and inner wears.
  2. Graceful Georgette: Georgette is sheer, airy and skin-friendly fabric. And it’s perfect for designing stylishly super comfortable work wear as well as party wear for pregnant ladies.
  3. Adjustable Jersey fabric: Soft, warm, lightweight and stretchy jersey fabric has most of the desired qualities of cotton and is capable of giving desired flexibility to the dress.
  4. Loose Linen: The fabric which is known for its coolness & freshness can be perfectly chosen for stitching loose pregnancy clothes. Light & loose-fitted linen dresses can be ideally picked up by mom-to-be for various formal-informal functions.

Share with us how you used any of these cool maternity fabrics to design exciting maternity clothes like a stylish gown for your maternity photo shoot.