FACTORY TO FASHION - Fashion Knowledge Sharing Series by Shamal Designs

Knowledge is undeniably the most powerful weapon of 21st century. However the one, who knows how to keep on sharing and gaining knowledge; is the one who wins the race, especially the ones who’re operating in the constantly changing fashion industry. Which is why Shamal Designs, Designer fabric manufacturer and online fabric wholesaler is launching its fashion knowledge sharing series called ‘Factory to Fashion’ to help the fashion designers and cloth manufacturers to get a better understanding of fabrics to stay tuned to the latest fashion trends.

The idea of bringing up ‘Factory to Fashion’ initiative is to empower the stakeholders from garment- fashion industry, by imparting knowledge on various aspects related to fabric & fashion and also creating a meaningful dialogue with them so as to unlock the knowledge. Promoting ‘Factory to Fashion’ mainly through social media platforms will facilitate the boundary-less knowledge sharing within the fabric & fashion industry.

As part of this Fashion Knowledge Sharing initiative, Shamal Designs will publish their vlogs and e-books which can be used as learning material.


Having made her mark as a renowned fashion blogger, Shweta Shah, Fashion Designer & Owner of Shamal Designs, has recently launched vlogs with an aim to give a detailed understanding of various designer fabrics to fashion designers and clothes manufacturers through professionally produced videos. These vlogs will also serve as learning tools to fashion designers and cloth manufacturers. The first vlog of ‘Factory to Fashion’ focused on ‘how to make good Fashion Portfolio?’. Such short video blogs of maximum 5 minutes will cover as many issues related to the topic as possible. For example the first vlog of ‘Factory to Fashion’ covered majority of the key points like format (in terms of size & shape), elements and process needed to be followed for making a professional & unique fashion portfolio.


Besides that Shamal Designs will also launch a series of E-books as part of this Fashion Knowledge Sharing Series, with a special focus on the textile oriented themes. These e-books will aim to address & discuss the fabric related issues arising from ‘Factory to fashion’.

These E-books will feature-

A. Everything you need to know about a variety of designer fabrics suitable to your wardrobe and home to let you experience the modern elegance of fresh colours & patterns in quality fabrics, by highlighting the following points.

- Interesting facts about different types of fabrics,

- How fashionably various designer fabrics can be used to follow the latest fashion trends and designer fabrics preferred to follow the styles flaunted by your favourite celebrities etc.

- A Guide to the fashion designers, readymade garment manufacturers and home decor manufacturers for making smart purchase decision while exploring a wide range of designer fabrics.


B. Compilation of Shamal Design’s fashion illustrations to set a design inspiration for the aspiring fashion designers & fashion enthusiasts. Having specialized in offering customized designer fabrics, Shamal Designs will highlight how their unique range of fabrics can be used in the most stylish way by those who’re in constant search of fresh fashion ideas.

So with this brief introductory blog Shamal Designs welcomes you to join its fashion knowledge sharing initiative called ‘Factory to Fashion’!