Fabrics to Choose for Winter Holidays from Shamal

Winter is the most loved season for many and right time to experiment with your wardrobe. The fashion buffs compromise with their style statement during monsoon and they come out with creative ideas in winter. Creativity gets the platform if the chosen fabrics are full of variety!

Whether a romantic couple holiday or a family mini vacation or weekend trips, winter holidays are a must to enjoy. But then for women, it all rolls down to clothes they wear. Latest trends and styles to opt to flaunt at the destination and for clicking the pictures are really difficult to decide. Before going for holidays, women become choosy about their attire and right from the design to fabric, they are very particular. Well, we have come up with an idea for fashion during the winter trips which will make shopping easy, save your time and also let you enjoy latest trends!

Excited to know the idea? The idea is to get you customized clothes from your fashion designer by purchasing the fabrics from Shamal Designs. Get it designed based on a theme or use the same fabric for all family members but different patterns can opt; all of it can be done according to your convenience. The selection of the patterns you can discuss with your fashion designer and for the selection of the fabric, you must visit Shamal’s website.

Liked the idea of themed outfits for everyone but confused about its execution? Well, we are here to help you in that as well. As it would be Christmas and New Year time, western style outfits should be preferred to flaunt as they would be comfortable as well. Let us help you with some quirky and easy execution tips for this idea.

a. For a young couple, one can choose Printed Fabric and get customized a cute Floral Printed Tunic/gown for the lady and a Printed Shirt of the same fabric for the man. Layer the tunic/gown with a denim jacket and accessorize yourself to complete the look. This outfit is ideal for beach holidays or regular travel and exploring the different cities.

b. For a family of 4, one can choose Embroidery embedded Fabric from the wide variety available and get customized clothes for everyone. Need some ideas to give your creative mind some content to digest? Leave it to us completely. The mother can get a beautiful mirror work embroidery Kurtis stitched for herself. Father can get a cowboy style denim jacket with embroidery patches on it. For the princess of the house, a cute little embroidery patchwork frock would do the justice and an embroidery shirt would add sass to the handsome looks of the boy.


One can mix and match different fabrics to get variations and make your theme look more interesting. Dress up according to the mood of the day and feel happy about yourself. Enjoy the vacations and flaunt your own style.