Get Ready for the Spring Collection

Ladies, it's time for a transition from your winter to a summer wardrobe. Spring is in...So give your outfit a spin! The new season brings with it new trends, style and statement. Let's see what's up for the spring season ahead.

Spring heralds the blooming flowers, the warm sunshine, and everything around us bursting with color and life. And fabrics from Shamal Designs reflects just that - new textures, fresh colors, original concepts and diverse designs for the spring season.

Explore our catalog of unique prints – our fabric department has something for your every demand. From classic embroidery fabrics and luxurious brocade fabrics to evergreen printed fabrics, these make brilliant canvases for custom-made creations of all kinds. Some of the fabrics from our exclusive collection are:

- Jute plus fabric -  for a timeless classy look

- Satin print - an all time favorite

Digital Print - the new trend

- Rosy print

- Ppt print

- Paisley embroidery

Brocade Fabric

The bold and playful designs of our fabrics are ideal for crafting kids wear, tops, jackets and accessories with a unique spirit of fun. They feature a variety of winding florals, trendy geometrical designs and even strips and checks. They are all listed on our website and are reasonably priced.

Here are some handy tips to make your spring wardrobe super stylish:

- Time to trim down the heavy layers of winter and shop for cool, comfortable and breezy clothes.

- Full printed midi and maxi dresses are very much in vogue, and hence essential for this season.

- Make your dresses, tunic tops and skirts from these colorful and vibrant fabrics and create stand-out pieces for your wardrobe.

- Accessorise your outfits with gorgeous printed scarves, and swanky handbags and purses made from our fabrics.

- Attach some pom poms to your outfits and you are absolutely ready to blossom.

- Teaming a digital printed jacket over a plain kurti or top will enhance your overall look.

- Also, this season choose bold gutsy colors like yellow, orange, green and neon pink to uplift your outfit and your mood.

- Try creating tops and kurtis with contrasting fabrics and eye-catching color combinations.

- Keep your look simple yet fashionable.

So get your creative nerves rolling, redefine your style to suit the upcoming spring season. Grab your favorite fabric from our online site and prepare to be spoilt for choice!