4 Reasons To Wear Brocade Fabric Sherwani This Wedding Season

The ‘to be’ grooms have got very choosy these days when it comes to their wedding attire. Many trends and types have emerged in last decade to choose from. But before you choose the designers royal, funky, Arabic design for yourself, get your attention on the fabric you choose as well. Certain designs get attention only because of its richly decorative shuttle-woven fabric which is Brocade. It is important to choose the right Fabric so that you could be comfortable in what you wear as well as look your best. There are many types of Sherwanis which can be made from Brocade Fabric also from Dyed Fabric which is best to give you comfort as well as that royal or trendy look you have imagined yourself in. You have 4 important reasons to choose brocade fabric sherwani this marriage season.

  1. Brocade Dhoti Sherwani: This type of Sherwani has a Dhoti which is very comfortable for that long evening and night which otherwise is a distraction as you are not comfortable in the attire and want to take it off as soon as possible. Brocade Fabric by Shamal Designs comes in different varieties as well like Kasab, Metallic and Metallic Jacquard. A wide range to choose from colors, fabrics and even fusion designs we also have the affordable prices. If you are looking for Dhoti Sherwani for your big day or even for upcoming weddings this winter, this fabric can help you achieve the desired look.


  1. Brocade Sherwani with Silk Churidar: This type of sherwani is ideal for those friends and brothers of to-be couple. When one wants to wear traditional but keep the look decent as well then this is the perfect combination to choose.


  1. Brocade and Velvet Anarkali Style Sherwani: This type of sherwani is the best option if you want to stand out in the big fat Indian wedding. Brocade and Velvet combine to give that royal look to your attire. Anarkali is very trending these days among men and women but men are certainly enjoying it the most. It has multiple colors, Velvet borders and touch, not so wide anarkali flare thus turns out to be the best groom outfit.


  1. Kalamkari Natural Dyed Sherwani: These kind of sherwanis are latest ones and has a potential to stay in fashion for long. Kalamkari has got many praises these days and is now available in men’s sherwani as well. This Natural Dyed sherwani can be used with a variety of other designs as well. Mix it up with Kalamkari according to your preference and have a customized sherwani with the help of Shamal Designs fabric collections.


Many types of Sherwanis are available in the market. The best has been given as options to choose from to you. You can as your fashion designer to select your choice of fabric from the best fabric manufacturer in India to give that elegant look which you always dreamed of!